Tuesday, September 22, 2009

International Peace Day - 21st September

I missed it by a day ... it was yesterday! But the idea in the following video is so nice, we should apply it every day!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clock winding dangerous to health!

Everything is being regulated now - rules, rules, rules!! Very soon there will be a day when someone will figure out a rule on how to take a poop because what we do now is too dangerous or something ... LOL!! Already because of rules we are loosing some of the very traditional foods in Europe (yup ... I am a foodie and this makes me sad mad!) - because they do not meet new EU health regulations. Never mind that EU folks have been eating them for centuries to no detriment!

The clock at St Michael's Church in Helston, Cornwall, has been wound manually by a warden perched just eight feet up a ladder since it was installed in 1793.

Generations of church wardens - known as 'captains of the tower' - have kept the clock ticking and it must now be wound three times a week. However, the current captain, Roger Nott, has now been told he can no longer use a ladder to reach the mechanism even though he only climbs around 8ft.

Because he leans forward to reach the cogs his duty has been deemed a health and safety risk and the tradition is now being scrapped after 216 years. Mr Nott said: ''To wind the clock is a simple operation carried out up a ladder and involves reaching out from the top in order to reach the winding mechanism. ''This is now considered to be a health and safety risk. We must conserve the clock mechanism and fit an automatic winding system which complies with the guidelines.''

The church is now desperately trying to raise £5,000 form its limited funds for an automated clock winding machine.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cow ... an essay

Click on image below to be better able to read an essay on the COW!