Monday, October 22, 2007

Do you You Tube?

I have not been able to scrap lately. But this information was too good to hold on to till I do my next page. So check this out ...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vienna Second Day (5)

First layout done with Club Scrap All that Glitters kit, a photo turn, Gelatins alpha stamps and ribbon from my stash. Second layout is done with a kit from Scrapologie. Again Gelatin alpha stamps and chipboard accents. Third layout done with Crate paper. All three layouts inspired by some lovely work in the current CK.

What a wonderful way to finish this very special day in Vienna. After we had rested for a few hours a bus picked us up from our hotel and took us back to Schonbrunn. We did not enter the palace grounds from the main entrance but from a side gate. It was the palace zoo. Founded by Franz Stephan in 1752, this is the oldest zoo in the world. We arrived there at 6 p.m. which was closing time. So we had the whole zoo to ourselves.

A couple of the zoo keepers gave us a tour of the animals. I was keen on seeing the lions but lazy beasts that they are, they were all sleeping inside. What we did see was a cheetah. I have never seen one in captivity before. Amazing how healthy it was. The zoo had all sorts of contraptions to help simulate a chase and kill so the cheetah would be able to get the exercise it needs. Unlike the tigers and lions, these cats are not the lazy kind! What was really scary was how the cheetah kept following the smallest child in our group. The barriers between the animals and people are see-through and to watch the cheetah focus on a little child and get ready to leap was definitely unnerving!

Later we all met up at the Emperor’s Pavilion which is a beautiful structure in the centre of the zoo. Emperor Franz Josef used to stroll from the palace to this pavilion every morning for breakfast. We had dinner instead. And a very nice dinner it was too.


A Modern day Da Vinci genius!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Vienna Second Day (4)

First layout made with Club Scrap Passage of Time kit from Jan 2001. Alphabet stamps and fresh cuts. Second layout is done with Carolee's papers. The swirl is handmade. Ribbon and a flower brad - not sure who makes these.

First layout is Ricky at the Authentic Austrian restaurant we had lunch at. In Austria Ricky was in food heaven! Meat, sausages and potatoes? He wishes he could eat these everyday - unfortunately his mother makes him eat other stuff like vegetables and pasta and rice. He stepped out of the restaurant to check out the surroundings. There was farm next to the restaurant. After lunch all the children went to pet the animals. Ricky preferred to stay outside and play his PSP.

Second layout are the Marionette Theatre photo for Lily's album. And a photo of what she seems to be doing perpetually these days - texting!


French Toast - Do you really know how to make it?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Vienna Second Day (3)

All layouts done with Club Scrap Travels kit. Also used chipboard accents, scenic Route rub-on alphabets, 7 Gypsies journalling tags, French Curves and other stickers and rub-ons from my stash. You can read about the Gloriette in last bit of the journalling for Vienna Day 2.

Who let the dogs out?