Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is my best angle!

This news report had me laughing out loud!! Narcissist to the point of stupidity or the most *devil-may-care* attitude ever!?!

A British man on the run from police sent a picture of himself to his local paper because he disliked the mugshot they had printed of him as part of a public appeal to track him down. South Wales Police had issued media with the photo of Matthew Maynard, wanted by officers investigating a house burglary, as part of a crackdown on crime in Swansea.

When it appeared in the South Wales Evening Post, the 23-year-old sent the newspaper a replacement photo of himself standing in front of a police van. They obligingly printed it on the front page. The police thanked him for helping them in their appeal, saying: "Everyone in Swansea will know what he looks like now."

Seriously Gross!

This is like some B-Grade horror flick come to life!! Cosmetics!?!
Peruvian police said on Thursday they had broken up a gang that allegedly killed dozens of people and sold their fat to buyers who used it to make cosmetics. The group stored the fat it collected in used soda and water bottles, which police showed reporters. Police said they were investigating 60 disappearances in the area that might be linked to the gang.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Extreme Jealousy!! LOL!

Miss Gay Brazil was just giving an interview when the green eyed monster got the better of a contestant. check out what she did ... LOL!!