Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Happy Thoughts

This layout goes into someone else's Circle Journal. It is about 'Happy Thoughts'. And even though I am not looking too happy in the photo, I used this one because it is the only sepia toned photo of me! I love sepia - it is very slimming ;)

My happy thoughts are very similar, I think to every one else's (good glass of wine, a meal with friends, children succeding in their lives etc etc.) so I will not put the second page here. Also, after 3 efforts at scanning I could not get the two background page colours to match. They do not look good (digitally I mean) side by side.


Michelle W. said...

that is so pretty! TFS


Lynne said...

beautiful, aparna! both the LO and YOU!

fedejam said...

wonderful!!!! So elegant!!!