Friday, September 21, 2007

Vienna - First day (2)

First layout done with CS World Travel kit. Second layout with CS Journeys kit. And third layout done with a Scrapologie kit. I have also used Art Warehouse stickers, some metallic stickers, Fresh Cuts, assorted stickers and that fancy stapler (forget the name).

Dinner was a buffet at a nice restaurant in the hotel itself. There were about forty people in the tour group. We played a fun little ‘getting to know everyone’ game where you had to ask people if they had done things like take a cruise or ridden a horse buggy etc. A well thought out list of everything related to the experiences we were going to have over the next few days. Then we went through the usual introductions and telling everyone why we had chosen this particular tour company and so on. And I wonder why every time I get picked to do the public speaking in our family!

Our two families were a bit rushed with our dinner because earlier in the day, while we were walking around the city, we bought tickets to an Operatic sampler of Viennese music & dance that started at eight. We did not want to miss it! Finding the place where our show was being held turned out to be quite an endeavour. We walked around a few blocks and finally ended up quite close to the hotel.

The place was Beethovenhaus and is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen. It is now a school for the arts. The building has a courtyard on the inside with ivy growing all over. I just had to lean out of the window and snap a few photos of the ivy. This is on the third floor so imagine how long the ivy has been growing to get so thick so high up!
The show was geared to entertain tourists. I am sure true cognoscenti of Viennese opera would look down their noses at these shows. But we loved every minute of it! We were tourists after all. One singer was an amazing look-alike of Robert Redford. I am thinking that is why he got the job because his singing was mediocre at best. And Joe managed to catch the cork they threw into the audience so I got myself a free glass of champagne during intermission.



Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...

love the layouts, and the previous ones too. the bits of Elsie mixed in really make a nice statement. I love Toby!

Marlies said...

Cool! :)

Barbara said...

Lovely Layout! I loved the time I spend in Vienna - it's a beautiful city!

Patter Cross said...

Beautiful LOs!! TFS!

Linda said...

i love your layouts, they really showcase your beautiful photos.

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

This looks like it was an AWESOME vacation. Such awesome pics and layouts! Thanks for sharing!