Friday, October 05, 2007

Vienna Second Day (4)

First layout made with Club Scrap Passage of Time kit from Jan 2001. Alphabet stamps and fresh cuts. Second layout is done with Carolee's papers. The swirl is handmade. Ribbon and a flower brad - not sure who makes these.

First layout is Ricky at the Authentic Austrian restaurant we had lunch at. In Austria Ricky was in food heaven! Meat, sausages and potatoes? He wishes he could eat these everyday - unfortunately his mother makes him eat other stuff like vegetables and pasta and rice. He stepped out of the restaurant to check out the surroundings. There was farm next to the restaurant. After lunch all the children went to pet the animals. Ricky preferred to stay outside and play his PSP.

Second layout are the Marionette Theatre photo for Lily's album. And a photo of what she seems to be doing perpetually these days - texting!


French Toast - Do you really know how to make it?


Patter Cross said...

Love how you did the title on the first LO with the journaling around! And love the colors and flourish on the 2nd one. Awesome!

Cindy Roland said...

Fabulous layouts!! I am with Ricky, wish I could eat those things everyday! I love that picture of him on the porch. Lily's LO is just wonderful! Love your text circle!

amyu said...

Love that stencil alpha!

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

LOVE them Aparna!!