Monday, March 31, 2008

Halloween 2007

All printed papers by - Junk Drawer by Nicole Iehle. Journaling font John Handy downloaded from the internet. Hero Arts alpha stamps. MM large foam stamps. Ribbon from my stash. Used the Basic Grey tool to cut the pinking edge. I put the word 'Spooky' in the photo before I sent it for printing. However the printer zoomed in too much and so the 'S' and the 'Y' got cut off partially. On a whim I decided to add the word back again after finishing the scans of the layouts.

.... YIKES! I just realized that I made a mistake with the dates on both layouts!! They should say 'Halloween 2007'

Halloween 2007: Ricky told me that this year he felt he was too old to go trick or treating. And neither him nor Lily wanted to dress up. So instead we decided to go see other folks all dressed up for Halloween. The best place to do this is in the evening (special Halloween timings) at the Hong Kong Ocean Park. The park is transformed for almost a whole month into a spooky place, full of scary characters - both real and props. They also have mazes you walk through where all sorts of things jump out at you. Weird sounds and a smoky haze in the dark make this an ideal outing for Halloween. Joe, Lily & I loved it. What we did not anticipate was how scared Ricky would be! Even though he is almost 12 this was still a bit too much for him. He was stoic while we were in the park because it was his idea. But by the time we exited, the poor guy was white with fright! Let's what he suggests next year :-)

And now something to make all of us feel good about ourselves!

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Michi Michaelson said...

Hi Aparna!
I SO love what you did with your Halloween layout . . . when it comes to scrapbook art . . . you are DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!