Thursday, April 10, 2008

the Police in Concert

Layout done with Club Scrap 'Weekender' kit. Design copied from the current CK Magazine. I have been seeing a lot of 'inchie' swaps happening and so was inspired to incorporate inchies into my layout too - of course my inchies are no brainers... lol!

I never imagined that I would be able to see the Police in concert! So when I heard that they would be getting together for a last tour, and coming our way, I just had to go see them. They would be playing at the Venetian in Macau, just an hour's ride by jet foil from here. A jet foil, for those who have not seen one, is a ferry boat powered by jet engines. It actually rises above the water surfaces and skims along at amazing speed.

The concert itself was more than I could have hoped for from a trio of aging rockers (lol!) ... much more! Sting was hypnotic as ever. His voice is just incredible! They kept the audience enthralled for almost 2½ hours.

After the concert our group of friends went for dinner to a Brazilian Churrascaria. I love this kind of steakhouse - it is so much more fun. The strange thing about these restaurants under the 'Venetian' sky is that one cannot really tell how late it is. It is a good thing we were staying the night at the hotel. It was 3 a.m. by the time we got to our room! The next day we woke late, had brunch and went shopping. We came home in the early evening tired but happy. All in all a very enjoyable way to spend 2 days.

This is slightly morbid but I just had to share!! In Japan everything has a 'cute' option. Even tombstones! Check out the choices in this video :-)


Cindy Roland said...

Love the background of inchies!!! The color combo is so good too. Yep, for an old guy that Sting is still pretty darn hot!!! LOL

Wanda H said...

Wonderful layout!! Love the inchie circle!!

Linda said...

I saw The Police back in Novemeber when they were in Washington DC. I thought it was fabulous too! I have loved Sting since I was 10 so I was so happy that I got to see them. Very nice layout.