Saturday, January 21, 2006

Experience Rome

Journaling is the same as the previous layout about Rome. Paper from Club Scrap.

Our hotel Raphael, all covered in ivy and full of antiques, was just off Piazza Navona. So we spent a lot of time there, especially while we waited for the Singh family to join us. The Piazza Navona is in a Baroque style. The Piazza has Bernini’s famous Fountain of Four Rivers, among other beautiful fountains. I was amazed to see Ganges depicted as a male. There are many cafes around the piazza where is the food is really good. And there were many painters and street performers. Lively and colourful, it is the perfect place to spend a few hours.

The Pantheon was a Roman “Temple to all the Gods”. In the middle ages it became a church. This amazing structure is a symbol of Rome itself! The huge dome has the same height and diameter. It has only one hole on the top through which light comes in. The Pantheon was designed by Emperor Hadrian (AD 118 – 125). The famous artist Raphael is buried there, as are many of the modern kings of Italy.
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