Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Visiting Pisa

I really like the way the top layout turned out but I must admit that I am more pleased with the lower layout because I was able to use up the 'Italian' Jolee's that had been in my stash for years!

We left Florence in the morning by train. After a long train ride and a short taxi ride we finally saw the famous leaning tower, where Galileo Galilee conducted his experiments on the velocity of falling objects.
The tower is built on sandy soil which is why is started tilting even before the third floor was built. The tower is the bell tower for the Duomo of Pisa. And both the Duomo and the Baptistery are also inclined, but not as much as the tower.Unfortunately, we did not climb to the top this time, but as I always say, we will be back! In the mean time, thanks to the millions of tourists, like Lily, holding it up, the Tower still stands!
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