Friday, January 13, 2006

Roman Forum & the Capitoline Museums, Roma

I copied the layout style from a publication. I liked the rounded edges - they are coming back in style! Who knows, soon we may be using our decorative edge scissors again!?!

Here we are at the entrance to the Capitoline museums. Among other interesting things we saw lots of statues with their penises cut off – on orders of some extremely holy Pope in the 15th century. We saw a huge statue of Marcus Aurelius on a horse. Also here are the famous Lupa or She-wolf of Rome and the Spinario, an exquisite statue from 1st century BC, of a little boy removing a thorn.

From the back of the Palazzo dei Conservatori w had a fabulous view of the Roman Forum, which we had already visited a day earlier.The Forum was the centre of Ancient Rome. Today one can see ruins of basilicas, temples, Arches, which the Emperors built to glorify themselves and other important buildings. The excavations are still going on at the Forum. As we walked around we could imagine how grand and important the city must have been two thousand years ago. The buildings are huge and the size of the columns makes one wonder how they managed to move these behemoths without any machinery. Ricky is standing in front of the Arch of Titus.
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