Monday, April 03, 2006

First Ever Scrapbooking Retreat in Hong Kong!

In March, Scrapping Gals, the first Asian Scrapbooking company, organized a retreat in Hong Kong. Of course, I had to join in! And people flew in from other countries too, which was so cool! After my last retreat in the US (in 2001) I knew I loved these but could not always go so far away for my hobby. I love all the gifts we get. So many freebies ... WOW!!

Here is my page dedicated to the event. The little accordian book has the signatures of all the attendees. I am seated in the first row in the Indian top :) Love this line of papers & stickers from K & Co.


BonnieRose said...

wow.. how wonderful for all of you!
I've never been overseas.. you are living a dream... congrats!

Gwyn said...


How wonderful that you had something like this close to home. And I still think it sucks that of all the times I had to have parent-teacher conferences, it was during that retreat in 2001.

Sophia said...

Love the layout! How awesome that you got to attend the retreat!