Monday, April 03, 2006

What is in a name?

I did this layout for a challenge on 2Peas. It was fun because I finally had an idea for the next page to add in 'The Book of Me' album. I always keep putting off working on that one. And I scraplifted Gwyn Calvetti (thread on the Pub) so that was two challenges with one layout. The name is from Hindu mythology and has a very romantic story associated with it. I have always liked my name but doubt if I would go that far for any man ... :)

The journaling:
A~parna: Another name for Parvati, Shiva’s wife and the benevolent manifestation of the mother goddess Devi. A~ Parna or ‘without a leaf’ was the name bestowed on Parvati when she was living the life of a hermit and sought to win Shiva’s heart. She mortified her body through austerities, the final one being when she stopped eating the few leaves that she conceded herself and became ‘A~parna’. This won Shiva's admiration, and he accepted her as his consort.


Chasity said...

This is a super LO! TFS!

Cris Cunningham said...

This LO is GORGEOUS!! (and so are you - love that pic)

Lynne said...

this is so beautiful, aparna. and you! i must have your secret for being sooo photogenic. i sure don't have it!

Gwyn said...

Yeah, I could use that same secret. Her version of this design is WAY better than the original!