Monday, December 01, 2008

Cashless Living

I wonder ... is there somewhere we can follow this guys efforts throughout the year? I am very keen on seeing how he is going to manage without cash. A very interesting experiment indeed! I am all for freebies :-D When in Italy I sometimes went to farms after harvest to collect whatever fruits or veggies I could find. It is an accepted practice and a fun way to pass the day too. Unfortunately, here in the big city, I have yet to come across any sort of freebie ... and I cannot imagine what would happen if we all started foraging for them! lol!!

A British economics graduate is challenging himself to live for an entire year without any money. The native of Bristol plans to barter his skills, forage for food and live in an environmentally-friendly house trailer without credit cards or cash. The 29-year-old hopes his example will help others realize they consume far more than they need. He says recent history shows capitalism is clearly flawed and the future is foraging and freebies.

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