Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas turkeys cause floods

How many of you dispose of the cooking fat by taking it to your local household recycling centre? Or do you put it in a container and throw it out with the garbage? Or perhaps you are one of the many who rinse the fats down the drain? For those of you that do the drain thing, did you know that fats, oils and greases quickly solidify when they hit the cool walls of the sewer and sticks to the side. Over time this builds up; preventing the normal flow of waste water and debris from passing through. With no way through, the wastewater backs up in the system, coming out of drains, sewers and potentially your home.

People who pour leftover turkey fat, cooking oil and grease down the drain after roasting the Christmas dinner can block drains, a spokesman for Gloucestershire county council said. "The traditional Christmas roast, with all the trimmings, may be one of the highlights of the festive season - but it could also be a hidden cause of flooding. It is a little known fact that pouring leftover fat, oil and grease down the drain is a major cause of sewer blockages in the county."

No one wants to suffer the consequences of raw sewage flooding their gardens, driveways or worst still, inside their homes. The only way to rid the sewers of these fat blockages is to use a high-pressure jet to loosen the fat and wash it away - none of which is a pleasant job. Much of this jetting work could easily be avoided if people didn't regard their kitchen sink as an extension of the dustbin

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