Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Vegetable gardens in schools help healthier eating

What a very smart idea! Getting children to grow veggies induces them to eat them more happily. Facing the problem of trying to keep my children on a healthy balanced diet ("helloooo? - you know I do not eat any vegetables - I am not a vegetarian!") , I love ideas like these that may perhaps make children want to eat their veggies. And by getting children involved in gardening, their diet may not be the only thing to benefit!

A campaign by the Soil Association, a charity promoting sustainable food, urges schools to grow their own vegetables and use local produce to revive interest in healthy meals. Giving pupils a bigger role in the production of food boosts enthusiasm for healthy meals, it claimed. The charity said there had been a 16 per cent increase in the proportion of children eating school meals in the award-winning schools. Jeanette Orrey, an advisor for the Food for Life Partnership, said: “We campaigned for better school dinners, but it’s not just about school meals anymore, it’s also about practical food education like learning to cook, growing food and visiting farms to learn where food actually comes from.”

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