Thursday, December 04, 2008

'Ox' cards

Next year, according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, is the year of the Ox. So I can send Chinese New Year cards using this image. Also I am currently trying to find out if any of my friends (or their family members) were born in the following years: 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, etc. The OX stamp image from Kodomo would make an excellent birthday card for these people. I have to take care though – the Chinese New Year is sometime in late January – early Feb. So someone born January 1962 could still be from the Year of the Ox.

I have this beautiful origami paper that I have been saving for years. It seemed perfect as a background for the Ox. The image itself is very simply stamped and embossed in Chinese Red ink & EP on very thick black cardstock.

A little fan using the same origami paper is the highlight of this card. I tied the base using a very fine gold thread. The gold curly things are Japanese Mizuhiki paper cords. Usually they are used for making ornamental knots which can be used in scrapbooks and cards to give an oriental touch. I like using the cords even without making the knots.

Here the Ox is very simply stamped and embossed in Chinese red ink / EP on black cardstock. The cut out is then glued onto corrugated cardstock. The background was the fun bit. I stippled some tans and light browns onto a white piece of mulberry paper. Then, using a dark artprint brown colour, I stamped the kanji script. I dampened the edges and tore them. Always best to do this step last so you can see the stamped image on the frayed edges, too.

The image on this card uses the reverse inking method. I inked a large leafy background stamp with black pigment ink. Then I ‘kissed’ the Ox stamp onto the inked leafy back ground. Then I stamped onto white cardstock and embossed with black detail EP. The door is another stamp and I have no idea what the little phrase says – something nice, I hope!

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Nettie said...

gorgeous work Aparna!