Friday, May 14, 2010

Down Under Drama

And now - a page!! lol!! I had such a hard time finding all my supplies. I could not remember where everything was. And so I ended up using things that I found by chance - I did not even remember having purchased - like Shotz by Danelle Johnson. Or letter stickers by Frances Meyer. OMG! Those sure are dated!! I think I spent the better part of the day getting reacquainted with my supplies.  Paper is all Club Scrap.  And since this is from Lily's travel album I have left the journalling for her.  Just so you do not feel left out ;) - she went with a bunch of other students to Melbourne, Australia in 2008 for a Drama camp with Zen Zen Zo, an Ozzie Theatre group.  So they did not do much sightseeing except this one museum they visited.  Most of the stay was spent in workshops and seeing plays.

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Lulu said...

Beautiful page Aparna! Now how can you possibly have scrapper's block with those gorgeous subjects of yours?! I hope this is the first of many pages to come!