Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mera Bharat Mahaan!

We live in a nation

  • Where a pizza delivery reaches your home faster than an ambulance or the police
  • Where you get a car loan @ 5% and an education loan @ 12%, 
  • Where rice is Rs 40/- per kg but a sim card is free
  • Where a millionaire buys a cricket team but donates nothing to any charity
  • Where the footwear we wear are sold in air conditioned showrooms, but vegetables that we eat are sold on the footpath 
  • Where everybody wants to be rich and famous but nobody wants to make the effort necessary to be rich and famous 
  • Where we make lemon juices with artificial flavours and dish-washing liquids with real lemon. 
  • Where people are standing at tea stalls reading an article about child labour from a newspaper and say,"yaar bachhonse kaam karvane wale ko to phansi par chadha dena chahiye" and then they shout "Oye chhotu, 2 chaii laao....."

Incredible India,
Mera Bharat Mahaan :)

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