Sunday, November 23, 2008


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Text: Among Hindu Brahmins all boys in their early teens have a thread ceremony. Jishnu had his thread ceremony a bit late - at 18. As part of the ritual he had to have his head shaved bald. He was not too pleased about it, as evidenced from his expression.

Jishnu had to wake up very early in the morning - actually before sunrise. After having a very minimal breakfast he had to fast all day. He was rubbed all over with turmeric paste. Then he had to bathe in very cold river water. He insisted that it was slimy too! Then the barber came brandishing his razor and shaved off all that beautiful hair - traumatic but the boy bore it equanimity. However when he was told to wear a large conical hat and parade around the neighbourhood with an umbrella held over his head, Jishnu refused to cooperate and marched back into the house. All-in-all a very successful thread ceremony indeed!

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