Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Virtual affair in second life leads to divorce

Remember the website Second Life I mentioned a few days ago? Well it seems a woman discovered that her husband's alter ego on Second Life was having affairs with virtual women. She is divorcing him. And the solicitor handling the case said that this was the second divorce case this week involving Second Life. Interesting!

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Amy Taylor, 28, said her three-year marriage to David Pollard, 40, came to an end when she twice walked in on him watching his online character, Dave Barmy, having sex with other virtual women. The couple met in an internet chatroom in 2003 and married in real life and in a fantasy tropical setting in Second Life.

However, Taylor always had suspicions about Pollard's online loyalty. At one point she hired a virtual detective to test whether his avatar was cheating on her, after finding him at the computer watching his character having sex with a prostitute.(Link)

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