Friday, November 21, 2008


This is one of those photographs that one does not know where to put ... it is supposed to be part of the Verbier album but it was too different from the rest - I am all for putting as many photos on a page and getting the album done kind of scrapper! This photo put me in a quandary. Finally I decided I had no choice but to make a single photo layout even if the photograph is a bit blurred and not good enough for a 'stand alone' sort of page. It was just the kind of edgy shot that I'd love to take but am never able to ... lol!

I used a lot of glitter glue and stickles and interference acrylic paints. - the shiny stuff!! The 3 star shapes are grungeboards by Tim Holtz. The arrow is a stencil which I cut out from pink cardstock. The letters I drew and cut freehand. They are stamped with a Stampendous cube that has 3 sides. If you use all three you get a plaid pattern. I just used one side with Brilliance inks. All cardstock is the shiny stuff from Worldwin - Elan Metallics I think they are called. Really like some of the shades. I wanted to use the Saturn Red on this layout but ran out. The border stickers are from Starform.

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Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Aparna!

THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! You're correct in that each card takes a few hours to complete, but I can transport the craft easily and sit in the family room with dh#2 and watch TV while doing it!

I'm LOVING this scrapbook layout as well as your other layouts! This is really spectacular! I LOVE what you did with it!

Your blog is so interesting . . . I feel that I'm traveling the world with you!!!! How cool! Have fun!!!!!