Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dutch will now grow their own Cannabis

Folks in Holland, who visit the famous 'coffee houses' will now be able to consume cannabis grown in the country. Just think how much the environment is helped by consuming locally grown produce! And that is not the only plus point. By allowing the local production of soft drugs, the criminal element in this industry will be thwarted. Good for business!!

The "grow-your-own" idea has taken hold in Eindhoven, while Tilburg's city council has said it is considering starting up a "cannabis market garden" of its own to supply local coffee shops. Others are expected to follow suit, as the Dutch government considers nationalising soft drugs production and sales in a bid to decriminalise the industry. Forty mayors met at the weekend, with many in favour of legalising soft drugs, whose consumption is a major tourist draw for Holland.

But there are some nay-sayers ... well sort of. Read on ...

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