Monday, November 17, 2008

Pot Plants instead of bouquet for next Olympics

This is a brilliant idea! We should completely stop buying bouquets that contain flowers flown in from other countries (like tulips!). Can you imagine how much carbon is burnt just getting them to your local florist? And then they just wilt and die after a few days. A plant, on the other hand, lives!

Medallists at the 2012 London Olympics could be presented with pot plants rather than the traditional bouquets of flowers. Officials are proposing to give athletes home-grown plants, rather than flowers flown in from abroad, due to the hefty carbon footprint such flights would leave.

Tessa Jowell, the minister for the Olympics, has confirmed in parliament that "locally sourced plants" will replace cut flowers as gifts to medal winners, competitors and other visiting dignitaries in 2012. She said the awarding of potted plants was "absolutely" being considered as part of the sustainability agenda, along with English cut flowers.

The organisers are also looking at a carbon-neutral Olympic flame fuelled by waste wood.

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