Friday, April 06, 2007

Xmas in HK

This is the first year after my marriage that we did not go to Europe for Christmas. After 18 years of living in this city, it was about time we spent one Christmas in our home!

Plus points: I had to do up just one tree and one set of decorations. I did not have to rush on boxing day to clear up and pack away everything because we had a flight to catch. I did not have to get on a plane! (Can you tell that I am not overly fond of flying?) I always wanted to make an elaborate holiday meal. In Italy the MIL still handles it all. This year I had a great time planning and making Boxing Day lunch. Christmas lunch was a relaxed affair with friends. It was nice to be able to sit outside!

Negatives: I missed the cold! Never did I imagine that the cold had become such an essential part of Christmas for me. Family and friends dropping in to visit. All the wonderful foods that one can get only in Italy during Christmas. I missed packing 300 gifts. Well, not really 300, but this year it just the four of us exchanging gifts. Usually I have to pack at least 30 different packages. And I enjoy all the different packaging ideas the Italian magazines have for Christmas.

Ricky and Lily wrote letters to Santa. Ricky's letter was in earnest, asking for an Xbox360 and a game. Lily's letter was tongue in cheek, asking to go to Italy. Unfortunately neither of them got what they asked for!

All papers from Chloe's Closet. A few rub-ons (BG & some really old border ones) and some chipboard was all that went into these quick layouts. The one for Ricky is a BH layout. Lily's layout is adapted from a CTMH advertisement.

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Colleen said...

Great job with the los! Thanks for the inspiration for some Christmas los!