Tuesday, April 03, 2007

4ever 2gether

The big precut shapes seem to be all the rage these days and make a great impact on the style of the pages. Not to mention the comeback scalloped egdes are making. I still have my deco-edge scissors. I do have to dust them off though ...

I must admit that I was a bit worried when I saw this big red heart in the Scrapologie kit. I have a difficult time doing romantic pages - not really my thing. But I had to use it on a scrapbook page since it was a bit too big for a card. And then I saw this photo of the two of us all dressed up for the New Year's Eve gala. Even though Joe & I do not look very romantic, it is one of the few photos where I am actually with him and not behind the camera. I turned the photo into sepia and I had something that would work with a big red heart! Of course I must mention the swirly curly rub-ons that are everywhere. I really love them. I love the swirls and the curls ... LOL!

Since this is a photo from my daughters' first photo shoot, I had to scrap it. And also because it scared me just how grown up a 13 year old can look with some make up and a dress instead of jeans. It is not good for a mothers' peace of mind ... LOL! And suddenly I am thinking maybe I should get that tummy tuck after all ;-) If I do not buy scrapbooking supplies for a year, do you think I'll save enough?

The Urban Gypsy papers are bright and funky. And I decided to do something completely out of character for me - use bright colours without trying to tone it down. I still love those Art Warehouse stickers.

I am so pleased with the way this layout turned out. I love the rub-ons, the flower, the printed paper. I like the simplicity of the layout. And I love how DD looks in this photo. I did a good job - with everything! {insert a self satisfied cackle here}

Randy Jackson is one of our more famous clients and here Joe is with him in Las Vegas. We think Randy is even cooler after he told Joe how much he loves Italy and all things Italian. Apparently he used to play with Zucchero during his time in Italy. We are all big Zucchero fans!

Again, a set of beautiful papers and accessories from Scrapologie. I copied the design from a layout in CK.


Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Aparna, I was so excited to stumble on your blog in a thread at 2P's. My friend Jill Wenzel always talks so highly of you (she and I are partners in an online business). I'm a huge fan of your work. Fabulous LO with your DD's pic!

Rossana said...

Aparna, grazie per avermi linkato il tuo gradevole e garbato blog. in verita' sono un po' stanca di blog e solo perche' ricordo il tuo stile ho deciso di dare un'occhiata. sono felice di averlo fatto: tutto, dalle foto allo scrapbooking, not to mention il journaling e' gradevolmente fruibile e garbatamente interessante e fine. complimenti aparna e complimeti alla tua dolce famiglia. oh....dimenticavo...tua figlia e' favolosa!!!

Stampmouse said...

loved looking at all your layouts. your daughter is very beautiful and your pages capture but don't take away from it.