Sunday, April 08, 2007

Summer BBQ

A big barbecue is a must every summer. More than twenty people sitting down to a meal which I did not cook! Woot!! Joe and B are the chefs for the day.

While the food is always great, the one thing I will remember of this barbecue is the 'Case of the Disappearing Wine'! As the morning progressed those of us who were not cooking, chatted with the others and drank glasses of chilled prosecco. And then some of us realised that if we happened to put down our glasses and lend a helping hand at some odd job like laying the table, when we came back to our wine, the glass was empty.

At first I thought that I had made a mistake and had actually finished my wine. When it happened a second time I was thoroughly puzzled because I had just filled up my glass and had only a sip! And there it was again - not a drop left!!

I must have been regarding the glass with a quizzical air because Kaylee came up to me and said "Happening to you too, is it?" Apparently anyone who left their glasses unattended 'lost' their wine. So I set Kaylee to the task. She played Poirot for exactly 3 minutes. That is how long it took her to discover Signora B flitting around the house and blatantly quaffing down the contents of any unattended glass she found. And she did it with such style that I simply could not say anything except hurry up the cooks so that we could all be seated at the table!

Both layouts based on the same design from CK. Very pretty - the newspaper flowers! Perhaps the first set of embellishments that I used up within a week of getting them. I have to figure out a way to make these myself. I think I have a UM newsprint stamp somewhere.

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