Thursday, April 05, 2007

Halloween 06

What is different this Halloween? The costumes! I designed and made them at home for the first time ever!

Lily wanted to be Mother Nature. So we had blues and greens flowing over a white dress, white daisies as accents at the waist and neck. And white daisies in her air. Lily got chosen to be the magician's assistant and she was thrilled!

Ricky had a rich purple wizard's velvet cloak with gold accents. I loved how the wizards hat turned out. The great thing about making it at home? It actually fit Ricky's head and stayed on all evening!
Even though he was very excited about Halloween, Ricky told me that this would be the last year he went trick or treating. He felt like he was too old. Poor baby! He sounded so sad ...

I am finding the Fooflala prints pleasing to work with. Both designs copied from this months CK.


Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will pass on your message to Jill - she will be so very happy to hear from you. She is fighting a serious form of cancer right now, and doesn't get online a lot, but I'll let her know when we chat later today.

Love those Halloween LO's - awesome costumes too!

Danisha said...

I wish that I could sew. I remember my mom making me a costume when I was little. I was a cheetha, had the tail that stuck out and everything. Those memories will last a life time.