Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shane's Wish

Here is a card I made with Club Scrap Painted Desert Kit. This card is for Shane Bernier. Thanks to Cindy R from SS Reflections for bringing this to my attention. And it would be so nice if some of you could either make him a card or perhaps buy one and send it to him.

Here is his website: Shane's Wish where you can find the mailing address. You can also do a search on Snopes with his name to check out that his request is legitimate. How wonderful if this lovely child got his wish!! Well ... at least got a lot of cards :-)

My page today uses Art Warehouse papers and sepia toned photographs. A saying by Rousseau and a very old stencil for the title letters.

October 1999: Ricky is playing on the grounds of the Duchess of Kent hospital. He loves to play in the sand or dirt. He can spend hours making little mounds of dirt and then brushing them away. To think that till a few months ago he could not stand to dirty his hands! He spent his two years of kindergarten not going near the sandbox.

Ricky has had, and is continuing with, a lot of different therapies. For a few months the following year we were part of a study conducted by Dr. Virginia Wong, one of the foremost neurologists here. She was studying the effects of Tongue Acupuncture on various neurological cases. We were lucky to be included in this research. Thrice a week we went to the hospital to have Dr. Sun Jie Guang from Shanghai administer a couple of pin pricks on Ricky's' tongue. It looked painful but after the first two sessions Ricky did not cry anymore.

I have no idea if this experimental therapy helped or not but Ricky said his first word a few weeks into the sessions. Of course Ricky was getting other forms of therapy like Speech and OT. And he was four years old. So it could have been anything, or most probably a combination of all of the above. And it would be another two full years before he formed a sentence. But what a special day it was when my son called me "Mamma" and a mother's heart, for some reason, made the connection with acupuncture.


Colleen said...

Awesome layout! So glad some people are sending cards to Shane! I've been spreading the message on my blog too and hope he gets lots of cards!

Jill said...

Wow, gorgeous layout & very touching journaling!