Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have an 'Animal' theme today! And the animals are better than you, or me ... LOL! Love this one. Listen carefully till the end.

Layout is done with Club Scrap By the Seashore kit from July 2003. Letters are traced and cut from leftover negatives of Gin-X alpha stickers. And dog tags ....

Very smart dog, our Shadow. Amazingly perceptive. He is of no particular breed. Mum adopted him when she found him, just a puppy, struggling on the streets of Kolkata. We were all slightly upset with her then. We cannot imagine life without him now. He is better than all of us at loving our mother.


Noelia said...

ok...that video was hilarious!
The LO of your dog is great too.

Christina said...

Cool, cool, cool video! So funny!
And the layout of Shadow is great too - and I really like your mother for taking him in when she found him roaming the streets.