Tuesday, April 10, 2007

iL Divo

Paper from the Urban Gypsy collection by Urban Lilly. And some BG rub-ons.

A few months back iL Divo were in Hong Kong. For just one concert. And Lily being quite a fan of operatic pop music, we could not possibly miss it. It had to be a mum & daughter evening because after I made Joe sit through a Julio Iglesias concert, he threatens me with dire consequences whenever I mention certain kinds of artists.

The fact that all the four singers are so easy on the eyes does help their popularity. Not just young girls but a lot of middle aged women were screaming in the stands! These guys really know how to work it! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Simon Cowell obviously knows his job very well.

A few weeks before the concert I was at Tom Lee, queuing up to collect my internet booked tickets. The rotund lady in front of me was in her early fifties, an almost severe bespectacled countenance, with a pronounced Singaporean accent. She reminded me of a reserved school teacher. Till I made the mistake of asking her if she was waiting to collect tickets for the same concert. I had opened the floodgates of fanatic adulation!

Oh the joy, the passion, the ecstasy even, of witnessing iL Divo sing from such proximity! She had paid for a first row seat. And who was my favorite, she wished to know. That would of course determine which side of the stage I booked my seat, would it not? And how could I possibly not know their names? Everyone knew Carlos and David and Urs and Sebastien!! And did I know where they were singing after Hong Kong? No? Why ever not?!

And so it went on for the half hour I had to wait till I reached the counter. And I came away not only with tickets for iL Divo, but significantly more informed about the group - enough to impress even my 13 year old daughter who previously had a dim view of my knowledge about singers and artists and such.


looking4help said...

What an adorable story! I haven't had the opportunity to see Il Divo live yet... I am a very recent fan... but I love that you and your daughter went to see them together.

Jill said...

Operatic pop - I had to look that one up!! Sounds like fun & pretty layout!

Susan C said...

Hi, just dropped into your blog while randomly clicking the "Next Blog" button. Nice to meet another scrap booker on the net (not that we are a rare breed LOL). Love your layouts. You've got a great eye for some of the more complex patterned papers I'm to chicken to try.

Laura Lou said...

Oh my goodness..how can this be? Lily has grown up and you haven't changed a bit. What a lovely pair you are! I would LOVE to see iL Divo and have several CDs now on my MP3 player.