Saturday, April 28, 2007

Recipe Book

A 6" X 6" recipe book made with Club Scrap Culinary Kit from March 2004. The stamps from this kit, which I have enlarged below, are some of my most used stamps. The book is a gift for a friend and consists only of Italian recipes.

Now all I have to do is print out the recipes on 5½ X 5½ cardstock, laminate them and then insert into rings. Below is a video of a gentleman making an origami phoenix. It has to be the most complicated piece of origami I have ever seen!

This 'phoenix-des' took more than 22 hours to make!!


Jill said...

Wow on both!! I bet your friend is going to *love* that!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrappyilse said...

Hey Aparna,

You've made a wonderful recipe book! I can imagine your friend will like it very much!