Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Living with Autism

Here is my layout for Autism Awareness month. Except for the chipboard arrow & photo corner, everything else is from the Club Scrap Extra! Extra! kit from June 2004.

Everyday with Ricky is like an adventure, a voyage of discovery. We delight in finding something new that he has learned or some subtle changes in his behavior. Of late we have noticed he has started telling lies and quite well too - I am told that this is good! LOL!

His new vocabulary is so ‘Cool’! This little 'Dude' has made so much progress over the last year! He is making puns on words. He is cracking jokes and asking us if we ‘Get it?’ And more often than not we do! He is so funny that he has us laughing all the time. I love his sense of humor.

And it is so evident how much he loves all of us. I wait everyday for him to come back from school and give me a great big hug! Ricky is very generous with his hugs and they are something special!

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Torn-Paper Jen said...

Stunning layout - great job!

Yellow Fence said...

This is a beautiful layout. Your son is adorable!


Terrey said...

This is an amazing page. I love this kit - a few years ago I used it to make a black and white page of my brother who is deaf at age 7 (he is 47 now). I think the paper you chose allows you to be very expressive. You did a great job. Eyes truly are the windows to the soul and your son's eyes are beautiful.

Laura Lou said...

I am so sorry we never talked about Aspergers years ago. One of my students in 6th grade (11 years old)had just been diagnosed. It was a year-long study and discovery for me. It still holds my heart. unfortunately. Other teachers after me were not able to devote the year to him and bright as he was, my student left school and now wanders around town on a bike most of his days. Breaks my heart.

Jill said...

This is a really gorgeous layout! I love the title & the strips of journaling - the whole thing just looks so great together!