Friday, April 20, 2007

Mob mentality

A Japanese video, which I am sure many of you have already seen but is always entertaining. I like how a prank is used to demonstrate the mob mentality inherent in all of us. Having been in a 'mob' situation similar to the one above, while I do laugh, it scares me slightly too!

Today's very simple layout using Club Scrap Art Deco Kit. Some Hero Arts stamps and foam alpha stickers. And I used my deco scissors!!

This is a dinner party that a close friend held for his 50th birthday. Since I do not have any story to tell today, enjoy the '100 person flashmob randomly chasing after people' prank :-)

1 comment:

Photocat said...

yeah, bit scary... grin. I had not seen it before. The one before the last one walked with one shoulder down, which means that he probably had a lung removed, it is the typical walk for a person with one lung. Glad that they did not toss that one up!