Monday, June 11, 2007

Hit the Road

First layout done with Crate Papers Seaweed Collection and an Art Warehouse sticker.

Second layout done with Club Scrap Fruit & Vine kit from September 2001.

Summer 1992: My in-laws are usually not very adventurous folks and do not like to move out of the house too much. But this time my father in law decided he wanted to take me to a beautiful town called Santo Stefano d'Aveto near Genoa.

I was pregnant with Lily and in my first trimester. I did not have morning sickness but I could not handle the twisting and turning on the mountainous roads. So we stopped often, especially when we came across 'fontanas' or water springs. These are very common all over Italy and France (Evian and San Pellegrino come to mind). The water is sparkling clean and ice cold. the frequent stops helped me not get too sick during the drive.

Zio (uncle in Italian) Renato was so funny! He has a very dry humor and all through the trip he kept us in splits. Trust him to spot this tree and request us very seriously to take a photograph of him with the strange tree tumors!

Moto GP Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Photos with Chris Vermeullen, Marco Melandri, Lucio C. Eliza P & a very interesting photo of Sete Gibernau. I have one of him without a shirt but I will not be sharing that one with you ladies ;-)

I have to admit this bit of 'Mathematics' had my jaw dropping! A lot of thought must have gone into it! It is called 'Hillbilly Math'

And a really cool video about Stencil Graffiti Art:


Norma Kennedy said...

Gorgeous layouts I especially loved the double layout which I am horrible with. Great jOb !!!!

Norma (localocairis)

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

ROFLOL at the Hillbilly Math video! TOO funny! I LOVE the layouts too!! And how could you not share the semi-naked boy pic with your blog followers?!

Great work Aparna!

Aaron Abitia said...

Hello! Nice MotoGP collage.