Sunday, June 24, 2007


Both layouts done for a challenge on the Scrapologie board. The layout required the following: Fibre, 3 Epoxy stickers, Buttons, Chipboard (but not alphas), Flower (only one) and the word NOW. I had a problem with the Epoxy stickers - I had only the words by Danelle Johnson. Took a bit of thinking which I do not like doing much ;-)

The first layout uses Club Scrap Caribbean kit from Feb 2000. I bent the Epoxy sticker rule very slightly. The '2000' is actually 3 stickers. The big photo turn is chipboard.

Second layout is done with a kit from Scrapologie. Papers include Basic Grey Phoebe, Heidi Grace Cupcakes, K& Co Amy Butler designs. Design copied from a layout by Joy Uzarraga.

Tactile problems are usually an issue with children with Autism. Ricky had a hard time with messy play. He even disliked washing his hands very early on ~ he disliked the feel of soap. Therapy helped a lot and when he was four we finally managed to take him to the beach and play a bit with some sand and water! You can see from his face that he is not completely comfortable. But I was so happy that he tried! It was a big step for all of us.


This boy can dance! If anyone can dance that well in a suit like that, he deserves to have all the little ladies go ga-ga over him ... and the older ladies too, perhaps? LOL!!

And a beautiful ad from the Japan Ad Council about encouraging children in their creativity:


Brook said...

There are so many things I want to comment about. I haven't been reading your blogs for too long, so I had no idea your child had autism. My 4 yo niece does as well. Her family is having such a hard time. I also loved the whale video. It seems to me that it shows how my precious Rachel's mind works at time. We can't see the pattern, but I'm sure it is there.

Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...

love the layouts as always, and wtg to your kiddo for toughing it out at the beach. my cousin has a form of autism (asburger's syndrome) and though he's toughed through a lot of his issues he's still freaked out by loud noises and is having a hard time in college. I bet your son loves looking through is book, my cousin is totally fixated on memories and looks through his every single day. He remembers things that happened in *my* life before he was even born, it's really incredible.

alita said...

i really enjoy your blog. The layouts are wonderful and i just love the videos you share every time. I showed the one with the cardtrick to my family and they really enjoyed it. The whale video you shared this time was really good.
thanks and keep up the good blog.