Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mi Amore

First layout done with Basic Grey Romani papers. Design inspired by an Ali Edwards layout. The ribbons are from Making Memories. 'Mi Amore' is by My Minds Eye ~ Bohemia.

Second layout by Club Scrap Retreat 2002 kit. Again I used the Basic Grey notch tool because I needed to take photographs on how to get a nice scalloped edge. Alpha foam stickers and lots of brown brads. Layout copied from a digital one in the CK Top Ten Issue.

Just one of those photographs that I really like but is not related to anything in particular. I had no journaling i could think of. So I decided to scrap it with a nice poem I found on the internet. It is not the full poem. I just wanted enough to fill the circles ... LOL!

There is a very special place within my heart
reserved only for you.
It's a place where I store precious memories
of your childhood,
the little things you said or did
that endeared you to me.
The sound of your laughter, the sight of your tears.
All of this I have saved,
In my heart!

The annual company dinner, held during Chinese New Year (end Jan ~ mid Feb). This is the table of the company honchos ... LOL! And some guests. There is a lucky draw at the end and the gifts are really cool. Everyone gets a gift and also cash. The fun part is after the lucky draw. Joe usually decides he does not like what he won. So he tries to go around talking to the staff to try and exchange prizes. He is never successful but just the whole process provides a lot of entertainment for everyone.
Some of you asked me what the secret behind using the Basic Grey tool was. Really ~ there is no secret. Just perseverance and patience (lots of it ;-). Anyway, I decided to use the tool again in today's layout and take some photos as I was working so you can see what I do. Please excuse the bad focusing. I was in a hurry!

Draw a guide line for the edge. Here mine is circular. Start with straight if you wish. It may seem easier though I think it is all the same. I use a very light pencil and prefer to draw to the correct side of the paper. You may prefer to draw your guideline on the reverse. I would recommend this if you were using light weight paper so you do not have to erase after cutting. On light weight paper the direction of the cut does not show much. On card stock I do not like to cut from the reverse because it produces a ragged edge on the right side.

This perhaps is the most important part. Align carefully the two edges of the blade to the guideline that you have drawn.

Press down hard with both hands. If you are using card stock you can actually feel the punch when the blade goes through. If, after lifting the tool you find that you do not have a clean cut, carefully place the tool again on the partial cut and compress. You can use a rocking motion but be careful not to overdo it or the tool will 'rock' out of place!

Once you have the first cut, place the tool again on the guide line, with the first edge exactly on the previous cut. Repeat pressure to cut paper. Erase guidelines when finished. Once you get the feel of the pressure and technique, the whole process really speeds up. Have patience. The Basic Grey Notch tool has its uses. I will not say that it is a 'must have' but if you have it already do not give up on it!
Some magic for you!!

And I love this clip from 'Whose Line is it anyway?'! It was one of the shows I had to watch! Amazing talent!!


Kelly C said...

thanks for the tip! great layouts!!

Colleen said...

Love that pic in the first layout and you framed it so nicely! Love the colours and design and the second one! Great job!

Joanna said...

LOVE that LO with the scallop edges- MUST get me one of those tools!!!! So awesome!

Joanna said...

LOVED the scallop edges on that LO with the brads- SO cute!! Now I just HAVE to get me one of those tools!! Where'd you get yours?

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that one with the scallop edge! You are SOOOO talented!!! Thanks for sharing...I love all your work!


RoriK said...

Love all of your LO's!

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Both of your layouts are wonderful but I really love your Company Dinner one the best......TFS