Monday, May 07, 2007


Layout done with Club Scrap Down to Earth kit from April 2005. Some 'macaroni' brads and QK letters. The mesh is from Magic Scraps because I found the kit mesh too heavy for this 8 X 8 layout.

Thats me, in the centre, always posing ... LOL! Even back then I knew how important the camera was and I was always making love to it! I do not have any photographs from the age 5 to age 20. My family had a camera but the developing process must have been so bad that all the photographs deteriorated within a few years. And there are no negatives - folks used to throw away the negatives once they had the prints!!!

Anyway, recently I started searching online to see if I could find any of my friends from University. I could remember the full names of only a handful of them. I left India in 1989 and it had been impossible to keep in touch. Of course, I will admit that I did not try very hard either. But the Internet, and the passing of years, is an amazing thing! I suddenly found myself thinking of the good old days when I was a student and consequently I wanted to find my friends. I was successful in finding two of them on the net. One of them had this photograph and sent me a copy. (thanks Shiroy!)

In the photo we are at a beach outskirts of Bombay (or Mumbai as it is now called). I cannot remember the name of the beach. (Info rcvd: It is called Marve beach) I can remember the full name of only one guy in the photo and only the first name of the girl next to me (P.S. I just got an e-mail with the names of everyone in the photo! Thanks to the guy who, thankfully he says, was behind the camera!! Buwahahaha!!). The only thing I can remember when I look at this photo is how happy and carefree we all were. Everything was so much fun!!

Now my quest continues for other photographs. They can surely help to jog my memory about friends and good times. How strange the brain is ... how easily I forgot everything!

Layout below is done with the Creative Imaginations line of papers. Stamps are from Hero Arts, I think. Word stickers are Rebecca Sower.

This is Lily at her second birthday. We had a little party at home. What I will always remember about this party is my choice of entertainer. I hired 'Cat Woman'. And when all the kids were assembled, the door bell rang. We opened the door and there was Cat Woman. She was dressed all in black, with a black mask and a long black tail. She was tall and slim and when the door opened she miaowed really loud. Guess what happened? All the 2 year olds totally FREAKED! Including Lily. What chaos! It took all the adults (thank heavens I was not alone!!) at least 10 minutes to calm everyone down. After that Cat Woman slowly took over (it was not easy) and soon it was what I had expected - a fun party with a great entertainer. This taught me to always be careful about which entertainer I hired. And I have always given advance notice to my little guests. Lesson well learned!

Card below is going to a young girl who is having her confirmation. I hope the sentiment is appropriate. I could not find anything else more fitting. I should buy one. Any ideas of what words I should look for? What does one say for a confirmation? Or a Baptism?

Be careful with this next video. It is funny but hold your breath at the end, okay? I almost gagged!

And staying on the topic of needing eyeglasses ... OUCH!!


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Colleen said...

Great layouts and fun to be trying to find people you knew in university! Good luck! Adn way to go using that kit from 2005! You made that layout look like it could've been a current kit!

toners said...

Thanks for all these fun pieces in one post!! :)

Jill said...

I don't know sentiments appropriate to Baptism, but LOVE the background on that card!

My mom always told me never to throw away negatives. So of course I have them all...15 years or whatever all in one box with no order or method or way of finding anything!