Wednesday, May 16, 2007


First layout done with Club Scrap Bugs kit. Design inspired from the current CK. Heidi Swapp chipboard alphabets. The ribbon is paper, cut from a printed paper but not sure who makes them. I converted the photographs to sepia but two of them were so old that they did not turn out very well. this layout is one of those that just came to mind when I was looking through photographs that I wanted to discard because I had already made pages for the main events.

Second layout uses paper from Fancy Pants. The Paisley stamp is from a kit from Scrapgoods. The metal tag is from a Club Scrap kit. Letters are QK.

A very important event among Bengali Hindus in India, Mukhebhaat literally means 'Rice in Mouth' and is the celebration of the first time the child is given rice to eat. Also, the child is presented with a choice of articles like a book, a pen, some coins, etc and then everone waits to see what he child will pick up. Lily picked up the book ~ which is good. Actually none of the choices are bad ... LOL! We had 400 guests to lunch! That is a relatively normal celebration by Indian standards.

The design on the floor is hand drawn by my mother. She used a paste of rice powder and something else (not sure what) to draw this design freehand. It is called 'Alpana' and is a dying art in Bengal. I wish I had taken a better photo of the full design.

The following video is a bit dated. It was made with data collected in 1990. So some numbers may be off but not so much that it would alter the idea presented by it.

And a cute Yellow Pages ad:


Lisanna said...

I love yuour los!!!!

Lynn said...

Wonderful Layouts! I love the floor design your mother drew. I could not imagine 400 guests over for lunch. You are a much better woman than I, that is for sure.

amy hummel said...

Love the tradition of your family. It was fun to read about.