Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zhuhai, China

First layout done with Club Scrap Culinary kit from April 2003. Also used Cherry Top chipboard and Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas. And one photo holder.

Second layout is with papers and tags. Both layouts inspired by ones in the current CK.

Over a long weekend we decided to visit Zhuhai, which is an hour by jet foil from Hong Kong. It is part of mainland China. Zhuhai is famous here because it has a racetrack but more importantly (for us) for its food. We went on a gastronomic holiday! We tried every kind of Chinese cuisine. And other kinds too like Thai and Vietnamese. Every meal was fantastic. Is it something about the place? Or the water? I really do not know! I cannot wait to go back and sample Zhuhai food again.

And in between meals we visited spas! Tons of them around and we were spoilt for choice! One of the most interesting spas has a series of hot water pools built into niches in the mountainside. You meander along the pathways and perhaps come across a pool that is a milk bath to make you fair ~ Chinese like fair skin. Then some paces away there is one with rose petals and orange peel, which maybe drains the toxins from your liver or something. And so on. To all purports if you bathe in all the pools you will come away completely healthy!! LOL! One pool that I will never forget is with Ginseng tea and some other herbs that I cannot now recall. This is the only pool that is ice cold. And the sign says, and I quote, 'it will take away your horn*iness' ~ I kid you not! Such entertainment there is to be had in China!!

Some more photographs from our dinner to celebrate Lily's birthday. This layout is for her album.


A video of a pastel painting in high speed. I found it most interesting to watch.

And a parody of a well known song. It is called 'White and Nerdy'

and in case you want to watch the original which I think is so much darker: Ridin' Dirty

ETA: Did you see Donny Osmond in the White and Nerdy video? Thanks Tracey for pointing that out! :-)


Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...

very pretty layouts! I love the little silverware embellishment and the story was interesting too. food odessys are the best!

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

LOVE them! You do such great work!!! That first one is just WAY cool....the photo is AWESOME!!

Thanks for sharing!
Ramie said...

Aoparna quanti ne fai...e tutti bellissimi
from Italy

Helena said...

Sounds like a great trip!

When we first discovered the "White and Nerdy" video, my husband watched it over and over and just laughed and laughed.