Thursday, May 17, 2007


First layout is done with By The Seashore kit by Club Scrap. The only thing I added is the Art Warehouse sticker 'Perhaps' I love this kit. Every layout I have done with it I have really been happy with!

The second layout is done with papers and die cuts from A 2 Z Essentials. Papers are 'Essentials by Kate'. Both layouts inspired by the design of one LO in the current CK, page 52. And I just realized that one of my gulls are crooked. This seems to be happening to me more frequently now. I can see the wonky only after I have scanned it! Grrrr!

Both layouts are with photographs from the same trip to a beach here in Hong Kong, back in June 2000. One is for my album, one for Lillys'. And when I sat down today with these photographs I realized that June 2000 was the last time we visited a beach here in Hong Kong. I was shocked!

There are lots of very nice clean beaches here, especially on the outlying islands. Our home is but five meters from a beach. Why do we not go spend the day playing in the sand more often? We need to take an airplane and fly to some expensive resort to spend time on a beach. Why? I believe because it gives us more of a 'Holiday' feeling, the beaches are private, we do not think about work. But I have decided that we should try and find more time to spend on Hong Kong beaches, watching the waves, the gulls and the playing in the sand. Maybe not swimming because I am scared of the sharks and jellyfish. But the sun and the sand are fantastic!

This video is about a blind kid who can see using echo location! It is an amazing thing to hear him clicking away. What is the human mind and body not capable of!?!

And for some fun, Just for Laughs, a very popular series that I have watched so many times on Alitalia (they do not like to spend on movies). Just so you know, this is about ten minutes long:


Colleen said...

Wow! Both of those layouts are great! You look like you've been a busy scrapper!

jilane said...

I love both layouts and they are so different. I wish I had some of the seashore paper but can't seem to find it.
I still love pattern paper too, and I like the circles in the second.
I'd love to see some of hong kong too, do you have some of home?