Saturday, May 12, 2007

One Cool Dude

Today was a busy day! I had to leave the house early to go help my BIL measure up his new apartment. He is moving to Hong Kong and has just rented a place on the 22nd floor of a high rise. It is a nice enough apartment.

After we finished measuring everything and had a quick lunch, we headed off to a building called Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau. If ever you are in HK, this is a place to visit. Almost 30 floors of warehouses for furniture and home and garden furnishings of every imaginable kind. At prices at least 30% to 50% cheaper than regular stores. We were there till almost 7 pm, measuring and pricing beds, dining tables and sofas. Then we had to go buy food for dinner, pick up Lily who was with friends in another part of Hong Kong and the head home to cook dinner. All this with the heat and humidity at critical levels. I am feeling destroyed! I am going to hit the sack!

So I will just post two layouts that I did some time back.

Till last year Ricky's school required me to go along with him on all his school trips. While this was at times difficult because of work, I loved it because it gave me a chance to really be a part of the learning process for him. I also volunteered at his school weekly as an Educational Assistant. I really value these times I spent with Ricky especially now that I am not needed and realize that I actually miss it!

These photos were taken with a regular film camera during a school outing. And when I saw this photo of Ricky I thought 'Hmmm ... what's the tough guy look for?' No reason really, but it gave me the idea for the layout.

This particular outing was organized when it was still very cold. This was good since we had to walk all the way up Beacon Hill, right till the summit. When it gets hot in HK, like now, it can be terrible. The humidity is oppressive. So it is best to do all these strenuous activities while it still is cool. And as we kept walking and walking, all the children had but one thing on their lips : Are we there yet? I immediately thought of the Making Memories rub-ons that have been sitting in my stash for years perhaps!

I think many of you may have seen this video already. But It always makes me laugh! And I think the guy with the Tee 'Insufficient Memory at this time' is one smart guy!!

Jay Leno - Phony Photo Booth - For more amazing video clips, click here

And a very short but very cool video of a water balloon in space.


Colleen said...

Great layouts and thanks for the inspiration for that paper as I ave some in my stash!!

Jill said...

Nice layouts! I like the colors!