Tuesday, May 08, 2007

B'day Morning

I have a work dinner to go to. So I leave you with a very simple layout done with the Club Scrap Music & Fine Arts kit from Feb 2001. Art Warehouse stickers. And the swirly thing is a foam stamp. I am not sure who makes it but MM would be a good guess.

The morning of Lily's second birthday she was so excited! She was running all over the place, not staying still and working herself into quite a frenzy. Finally her Yaya had to threaten her with 'No Party' to get her to calm down! I got that on film and I love her expression in it.
Her gift from us that year was the little kitchenette, table and chairs. This became her favorite corner. Not because she played house, but for reading, playing games and using the kitchenette as a storage unit for her treasures.

Today I am going to try and stay safe with the videos. Apparently yesterday's was a bit too risque' ... LOL!

I cannot figure out if she is like this or faking it!

And this one is really scary. Happened in 1991 in South Africa.

Fortunately, no one was hurt!


Lynn said...

Great layout. Love that swirly stamp.

Shell said...

very nice layout. Love the swirl - just adds that little something!

Jill said...

Yesterday's were risque?!?! Neat swirly thing! Can't believe no one was hurt!