Friday, May 04, 2007

Carnival at Tamar

Both layouts done using the County Fair kit from Club Scrap. Same kit as the 'Upside Down' layout. One layout is for Ricky's album, the other for Lily's.

Hong Kong is a pretty crowded city. And there are not too many free places for carnivals. However these last few years a European traveling carnival has been visiting Hong Kong. They usually come during Christmas and then stay for a few months. They set up shop in the Central district, which, as the name suggests, is really the most central part of Hong Kong. There is a large empty square called the Tamar site and this is where this carnival is held.

But the HK government is soon going to start building its new offices here. (I will not even start on the subject of why they should move when the present Government headquarters are more than adequate - it is a sore point!) So from next year we will not have the carnival anymore in Central :-( Instead we will have another huge concrete structure blocking what little view we have of the Victoria harbour.

The following video is intriguing. It is about hidden places on Google Earth. I wish that the resolution was higher because there are some places that I would have liked a better look at!

For those interested in cooking, I spent the afternoon deboning 8 quails. Then I stuffed them with a couscous and dry fruits & nuts mixture, stitched them up (you have to cut open the back to de-bone them) and now they are waiting to go in the oven tomorrow evening. I am feeling pretty pleased with myself because till now I had only deboned chicken, never quail. Anyone wants the recipe, feel free to write me .. :-)


Colleen said...

What fun layouts! Love the design of the first really feel the movement somehow!

Have a fantastic NSD!

Yellow Fence said...

Great layouts. I like how you used lots of pictures!


Anonymous said...

I love your layouts using county fair. The pictures are great and the colors and saying go perfectly together. By the way, how did you get those great pictures of the kids on the rides? Mine never turned out that nice. lol
great job.
Jilane in Mi (club scrap)

Christina said...

I love the County Fair layout on the green background. A lot of energy in that one!