Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Seems like déjà vu - wait it is! I have a work dinner to go to this evening and so I am able to complete just one layout. Yesterday we had Japanese Yakitori cuisine. I love this style of Japanese food. It is fun to eat tiny kebab like morsels on sticks slightly bigger than toothpicks! And hot sake ... yum! We had everything - from traditional chicken wings to quails eggs rolled in bacon to grilled shitake mushrooms. I thought we had ordered just right but halfway through we were so full! Little bits and pieces fill you up without you realizing it.

Layout done with K & Co papers, Kambly rub-ons , Magic Scraps sticky rub on alphabets & gold leaf, Heidi Swapp crystal stickers and some digital prints that I cut out.

Halloween of 1998: We were invited for a really nice party. Lily dressed up as Princess Anastasia. That was the year the movie was released and so at the party there was every version of Princess Anastasia! Poor Lily! She wanted to be special. Instead she became part of a large crowd of princesses. LOL! The redeeming factor was a really great party for the kids. Lots of fun & games and treats.

Now, if you are a cat lover you will adore this video ...
ETA: There are a few shots of cats jumping out at kids just in case that bothers you.

And if you love both cats and Jane Austen, like me, this one is for you!

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Maureen said...

Oh that cat video is HILARIOUS!!! Watching it at work and I had to suppress the urge to LOL!!! Can't wait to show my daughter. Thank you!