Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rugby Sevens!

I tried to keep both layouts as flourish free and 'sporty' like as possible. Which meant simple to me. First layout done with Club Scrap Weather kit from April 2003 and Hero Arts alpha stamps. This is a kit I fell in love with at first sight but strangely enough never used except to make one wall hanging.

Papers for the second layout are from the Shortcake Collection by Paper Heart Studio. And some QK alphas. The design is inspired by a layout from the current CK magazine.

The Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong has to be the most popular and anticipated sports event here every year. Teams from all over the Rugby playing world attend. The teams are only seven a side. This makes the games fast and furious. It is amazing to watch! For three days the audience is held in a thrall of action and movement. Because the games are so short, the players give it their best. It is really one of the most fun sporting events for the spectators. Almost as exciting as football!

And some people can actually sleep with all the noise around them! Amazing!! Joe gets only a single page layout. Folks that sleep at games do not merit double page layouts! So there!

Keeping to the 'Sports' theme, here is a very strange Table Tennis match!

And an ever stranger race!


Magpie9759 (Jan Connair) said...

Love the layouts. Such a summery color scheme with all the green.

Jill said...

How neat looking! And how funny on sleeping at a sporting event! I wouldn't have thought of it as a good spot for a nap, but you just never know. :-)

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

HE HE HE!!!! Love them both and that nap is just too funny!!!


Cindy Roland said...

I bet Joe didn't even care that he got only a one page layout, did he? LOL! Love the wave of polka-dots on the deserving two page spread!