Sunday, May 27, 2007


First layout done with Club Scrap Science kit from September 2005. And some large chipboard letters which I painted in brown & red acrylics.

Second layout is with Basic Grey papers. And a couple of rub-on words. Heart is cut free hand. And a word sticker strip.

Malaysia Moto GP: Lily was a huge fan of Casey Stoner. And of course, she is a bigger fan of Valentino Rossi, but this story is not about him.

She was there with Stoner’s team, watching him get ready for his race etc.
We usually are in the paddocks with the teams. The time came for Stoner to go out on the track. And the teams usually have someone holding an umbrella over the riders head. Those that can afford it have long legged pretty models doing the job. Those who cannot, make do with wh
oever they can find. And since Lily was around the team manager asked her if she wanted to go out on the race track with the umbrella. Lily was in seventh heaven! Can you imagine how excited she must have been! Everyone on the team thought it was a good idea till Stoner heard of it. He simply refused to have her hold the umbrella! The reason? He said his girlfriend would not like it!

Lily accepted with very good grace because she is a beautifully behaved girl. But, boy was she mad!! When she got home she was most critical of Stoner. I had to listen for hours when she criticized everything from his behavior to his riding. Nothing the poor guy did was acceptable anymore! And even today, for every race that she watches, she actually loudly vocalizes her support for any rider who challenges or beats Stoner. LOL! I find it funny to watch her. She is so angry ~ even today!

And now she is a bigger than ever fan of Valentino Rossi ... but that is another story!

A surprise birthday dinner. We thought we were going to a normal dinner but Joe surprised us by taking us to Isola at the IFC where we had an amazing dinner and a cake too!

The following video is a medium high speed chase with a twist.

And a video of the Northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. The video was shot over a long period of time and then speeded up. Apart from the lights I love watching how the stars slowly move during the months.

A link to another video, though it is actually just still photographs (awesome ones) set to lovely music.

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