Tuesday, May 01, 2007

All about Water

Both layouts done with ki memories products. Art Warehouse stickers. In the first layout, I had not yet done the journaling so I just did in digitally before posting - will do the real handwriting later. The design of the second layout is copied from the current CK magazine. You cannot miss the teardrop layout - it is stunning!

Summer 2000: One very hot afternoon the girls decided to strip down to their swim wear, laze around in the sun for a while and then cool off in the little plastic pool they had painstakingly filled out with water. Who should come along as they were peacefully lolling on the grass but Ricky. And as only little boys can, he instantly destroyed the peace! Gone was the serene afternoon. Instead a water fight erupted - girls against solitary boy. And it is amazing how Ricky managed to single handedly harass the girls for over half an hour!

It is a lucky coincidence that my camera had the zoom lens attached. I was able to get some photographs while keeping a safe distance from the fracas. It is amazing what mayhem one little boy can create!!

Ricky is amazing in water. He has been able to swim, albeit without any finesse, since he was a baby. He can go under and hold his breathe for extended periods of time. He is related, after all, to Umberto Pelizzari! He is always doing those strange headstands in water that he seems to love but sometime worry me. Now he is a strong swimmer and is fantastic with freestyle. His other strokes are getting better too.

Here I had just bought myself one of those underwater cameras everyone takes on holiday at least once and then never uses. Good thing I got some photos before chucking the camera to the back of my desk.

Have you heard of Dyscalculia? Take look here. The video is a couple of minutes long but most illuminating.


Colleen said...

Nice job on the layouts. Love the colours and the design of the second one is fab!

Lisanna said...

your layouts are fantastic!

Jill said...

Oooh I love those kind of underwater photos! A friend of mine has a really great one with the bubbles coming up!

toners said...

Gorgeous layouts! I love the blues in the teardrop-style layout :)

Monica M said...

Wow, those LO's are great - love the "drop" on the second one!