Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Scissor layout

Layout done with the DIY Croppin' kit from September 2003. Also used some alpha rub ons and QK letters.

As part of his occupational therapy Ricky had to learn how to use scissors and to cut correctly. First he learned how to cut along straight lines. The he spent hours practicing cutting along curves. Because Ricky really enjoyed this activity, we took it a step further and I gave him my decorative edged scissors. He had a blast with them!

While Ricky was doing his cutting during one therapy session, I showed up with my camera. I took a lot of photos. And I love his expression in every single one of them. I simply could not choose or discard. So I decided to make a layout with all the photographs. He looks so adorable in all of them!

Yesterday I had a dinner party at home. Cooked Thai food and I was pretty liberal with the hot green chillies! LOL! Love the really spicy food. And for the first time I made Sangria at home. And it was the perfect accompaniment to the hot Thai dishes. Try making a pitcherful yourselves and then tell me if it is not the yummiest thing to drink on a hot summer evening!

Sangria: Half fill a large pitcher with ice cubes. Add 1 bottle of red table wine (I used a Merlot), 150 ml (5 fl.oz) freshly squeezed orange juice, 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz) freshly squeezed lime juice, 115 gm (4 oz) caster sugar and an apple and a pear, diced into small pieces. Stir till the sugar dissolves. Enjoy!
ETA: Here is a link to a website that will help you do conversions very easily. WWW Unit Converter. Or another website specifically for food conversions.

I am not sure if this video is the real thing or from some TV show. There comes a point in the proceedings when I cannot help but get skeptical, especially at the behavior of the policewoman. But it is fun to watch anyway:

The guy in the video below is really good at what he is doing. Worth a look-see :-)


Scrappyilse said...

Hey Ape,

What a nice layout and memory! I can imagine you loved making these photos! You've done a wonderful job in scrapping them this way!

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