Friday, May 25, 2007

No Limits

Old layouts today because I have to rush, doing 'mommy' things with Lily. I have no idea who makes the paper in the first layout but I like the effect. The second layout is all Basic Grey.

Both layouts from school field trips. I used to be able to accompany Ricky before. And I got some really nice photos and an understanding of what the kids were studying etc. Now that I have to work during the day, I miss out on this aspect.


The first video has some one smoking a cigarette but it is interesting to watch. Just so you know. The guy would not be able to do the trick if he did not smoke.

This second video is an advertisement for knives and some minutes long. I am very happy with the knives I have but after watching this I actually went to see if the knives were available in Hong Kong! Not to buy because I am a ceramic knife gal ...
Anyway, he has some good tips on taking care of knives, which is applicable to any kind of steel knife, not just the brand in the video.

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